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Our Academy

Cirrus Academy is named after the cirrus clouds – the clouds found at very high altitudes in the sky. Our dream is for every scholar to achieve at the highest levels, comparable to the cirrus clouds.


Our Vision

Our vision for Cirrus Academy Charter School students to be well rounded, civic-minded individuals who graduate with a firm foundation of knowledge and skills in STEAM that enables them to build and sustain quality lives, contribute to the economic vitality of the United States of America, and to be globally competitive in the worldwide marketplace.


Our mission

Cirrus Academy Charter School’s mission is to develop and implement a comprehensive educational program that prepares students to meet and exceed world class standards and prepare them to compete in the global marketplace.

Cirrus Academy will soar in our flight to excellence: flying towards our vision, executing our mission every day.

Our Commitments

Cirrus Academy will soar in our flight to excellence, flying towards our vision and executing our mission every day.