March 12,2020 


Dear Parents, 

 Superintendents from the Middle Georgia area held a briefing today to provide clarity and transparency regarding the District’s preparation and response to COVID-19. You may view the briefing at the state district’s website, Facebook and/or You Tube. While there are currently no reported cases of COVID-19 in Middle Georgia at this time, Cirrus Academy Charter School wants to be proactive should an unforeseen closure be necessary. CACS will communicate parent and student learning resources on the District’s website,  under the Resources/Parents tab. 

 In order to support uninterrupted student learning, CACS is preparing for home-based instruction by providing online and offline assignments should the need arise. For students in grades 3-8 that have access to the Internet and devices, eLearning (electronic learning) will be provided through the student’s ClassLink dashboard and Microsoft Teams. For students without Internet access, printed assignments will be made available from the school. For parents of K-2 grade students, learning assignments will be communicated through email, Class Dojo, or Remind. 

 By completing the short survey sent home with students as soon as possible and returning it to your student’s school, you will be informing CACS on how we can provide uninterrupted learning for your student(s). 

 Best Regards,  

 Dr. Gail M. Fowler 

Superintendent/ CEO 


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CACS Response to COVID-19