Charter System

Cirrus Academy Charter School is approved by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC). The mission of the SCSC is to improve public education throughout Georgia by authorizing high quality charter schools that provide students with better educational opportunities than they would otherwise receive in traditional public schools.


What Is a Charter School?

According to the Georgia Department of Education, “A charter school is a public school of choice that operates under the terms of a charter, or contract, with an authorizer, such as the state and local boards of education. Charter schools receive flexibility from certain state and local rules in exchange for a higher degree of accountability for raising student achievement. Charter schools are held accountable by their authorizer(s) for upholding the terms of their charter.”

A charter school is run by its own board of directors rather than the county school board. This gives charter schools the autonomy and flexibility to make decisions based only on the needs of its own students. Charter schools are public schools, which means they are funded through tax dollars, do not charge tuition, and do not have admission criteria.

Charter schools are required to provide an innovative curriculum that differs from what is available in district schools, and our students must score at least 2% higher on standardized tests.

Admission to Charter Schools

Admission to Cirrus Academy Charter School is open to all students in Georgia, whether they live in Macon-Bibb County or not. Every student has an equal chance of being admitted to Cirrus Academy—no preference is given to students based on gender, race, location, or any other criteria.

For a chance to enroll your student in Cirrus Academy, please fill out an application for admission. If applications exceed the maximum number of spots available, we will hold a lottery to determine who may attend.


Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Charter School

  • Charter schools give your child the opportunity to study subjects that aren’t available at traditional schools
  • Children and parents who are unsatisfied with the schools in their community can benefit from a better quality education at a charter school
  • Charter schools have smaller class sizes than traditional schools
  • Charter schools cater more to each student’s preferred learning styles