Our Superintendent/CEO

Greetings Scholars/Parents,

Welcome to Cirrus Academy Charter School—home of the Eagles. Your talents and skills will help to
continue our winning ways—in and out of the classroom. We are looking forward to assisting you in
fulfilling your educational goals. Further, we promise to offer you an opportunity to prepare for life
after Cirrus Academy. With your cooperation, reaching our academic goals will be easy.

We encourage you to study diligently and to learn as much about every academic subject possible. Set
your goals high, believing that you can achieve them, and you will. Be the best that you can be. Good
grades are important, but what you learn is more important. Employers everywhere are demanding that
schools “raise the bar”, requiring that students have higher levels of competence in the basic skills for
entrance into the job market after high school. It starts in elementary and middle school. It is therefore
essential that we have a school that work to meet this growing demand.

Be a committed EAGLE; get involved! We encourage parents and scholars to seek out our trained
professionals, and we will do our best to help you. We are here to help make your years at Cirrus
Academy successful and as educationally challenging, as possible. Your Parent/Student Handbook
contains important school rules and policies. If you have questions, stop by my office, or call for
assistance. We extend our best wishes for SUCCESS in of your educational pursuits. Let’s have a great


Kind Regards,
Dr. Gail Morris Fowler

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 478.250.1376