Our Academy

Cirrus Academy Charter School uses an integrated, hands-on curriculum based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) for kindergarten through 8th grade. Our goal is to ensure every student has access to the tools he or she needs to exceed world-class standards and to compete for college admissions and jobs in an increasingly globalized economy.


Emphasizing Academics + Arts

Our school has an integrated education program that equally emphasizes academic and artistic excellence. Beyond the required core courses within each academic area, students explore creative and performing arts classes such as ballet, visual arts, foreign languages, music, writing, and more.

At the end of 5th grade, each student selects a major in creative arts, performing arts, science, writing, or language.

Learning Is Cool!

At Cirrus Academy, we believe learning and achieving are cool! We cultivate an atmosphere of success and love for knowledge by promoting project-based learning through modules, experiments, and technology. We value respect and create a space where students can be themselves while learning and growing.

Individualized Instruction

We meet students where they are academically and give them the tools they need to achieve. We believe every student has talent, and it is our job to help students discover, nurture, and develop their talents.

While it would be impossible to give one-on-one instruction to every student, we ensure each student can thrive in our learning environment by using multiple teaching methods such as:

  • Hands-on activities and modules
  • Group/partner projects
  • Technology-based learning
  • Learning through fun, interactive games
  • Book-based learning
  • Self-guided learning
  • Traditional, lecture-based teaching


Professional Associations

Cirrus Academy Charter School is approved by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia. We are members of the Georgia Charter Schools Association. As of January 26, 2022 Cirrus Academy Charter school was accredited by Cognia Global Commission https://www.cognia.org/