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Cirrus Academy Charter School encourages scholars to take an active role in their education through experiments, modules, group work, and more.

Our academic achievement strategy impacts all grade levels and focuses on literacy as a building block for future success in other subjects. We empower scholars to rise to a higher level of academic rigor, and we implement a framework to develop critical thinking skills.

STEAM Curriculum

Cirrus implements a STEAM curriculum for all grade levels. This curriculum adds the Arts to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). In addition to focusing on the arts, we use a hands-on, project-based curriculum that encourages scholars to apply the STEAM concepts they learn to real-life situations.

Cirrus Academy scholars will begin learning STEAM curriculum as early as kindergarten. At the end of 5th grade, each scholar selects a major in creative arts, performing arts, science, writing, or language.

  • Educational

    Access educational resources to assist scholars in the learning process.

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  • Academic

    Discover our partnerships with community organizations that assist our scholars in learning and life skill development.

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  • Special Services

    Cirrus Academy’s Department of Student Support Services provides various special services to help children and families succeed.

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