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Procedures & Protocols

Cirrus Academy Charter School has comprehensive procedures and protocols to keep our scholars, families, and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

General Preventative Measures

  • Proper hygiene measures will be taught, reinforced, and encouraged (i.e., proper and frequent hand washing, frequent use of hand sanitizer, properly covering coughs and sneezes, keeping hands away from mouths.)
  • Hand sanitizing stations are strategically placed throughout the building as well as in classrooms.
  • Signage will be posted in classrooms, hallways, and entrances to communicate how to stop the spread, recognize COVID-19 symptoms, implement preventative measures (including staying home when sick, practicing good hygiene, and other school/district specific protocols).
  • Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • Scholars and staff will be permitted to bring hand sanitizer and face coverings from home.
  • Deep cleaning of schools will be conducted on a regular basis


  • Training will be conducted and literature will be posted on proper hygiene and self–screening. Policies will be enforced.
  • Cirrus Academy will be conducting regular screenings for symptoms and encourage ongoing self–monitoring throughout the school day for staff and scholars.
  • Parents should screen scholars before leaving home.
  • If the temperature is at or above 100.4F, staff or scholars should not report to school.
  • Upon entry, staff and scholars will go through body scanners that will conduct a temperature check.
  • Persons with 100.4F or higher will report directly to the school nurse, who will then assess and quarantine if necessary.
  • Staff and scholars are asked to self-report to the school nurse if symptoms persist throughout the day.
  • If staff or scholars have exhibited symptoms within the 24 hours prior to the scholar leaving for school, staff or scholars should remain at home.

Transporting to and From School

  • Prescreen scholars before leaving home/daycare.
  • Scholars will be reminded of proper hygiene measures throughout the day.
  • Scholars will be reminded to use hand sanitizer as they enter the building.
  • Once Scholars enter the carpool lane, their temperature will be checked before they exit the vehicle. Masks will be provided as needed.
  • Parents will limit the number of passengers traveling with scholars to school.
  • The carpool area will have social distance signage.
  • Walk-ups will enter through the main entrance, and temperature checks will be conducted.
  • Schedules for Elementary and Middle schools:
    • K-8: Arrival 8:00 a.m., Dismissal 3:45 p.m.
  • Scholars will be dismissed using Silent Dismissal technology.
  • Walk-up parents will not be able to enter the building.
  • Scholars may not leave any belongings at the school building.
  • Staff will not conduct temperature checks as scholars leave.

Building Procedures and Visitors

  • Access to the building will be restricted to essential personnel and scholars.
  • “Stop the Spread” signs will be placed inside and outside the office lobby and other key entrances.
  • Marked space lines to enter the buildings and flow paths will be created to direct traffic.
  • Parents and visitors will not be allowed past the front office for any reason.
  • Parents will not be allowed to walk scholars to classrooms.
  • Staff members will be placed strategically at the carpool and walk-up ramps; they will remind parents and scholars to keep a social distance.
  • Parent conferences will be encouraged.
  • PTO/Parent Engagement meetings will be encouraged.
  • Office area will be sanitized throughout the day.
  • Scholars are encouraged to bring their own water.
  • Everyone who enters the building must conduct screening questions and temperature checks.
  • Visitors must present a COVID-19 vaccination card or negative COVID test to enter.

Serving Meals

  • Scholars must wash their hands before and after meals.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be in classrooms.
  • Meals will include as much variety as possible while maintaining efficient and safe service.
  • Any meals served in the cafeteria will have a modified seating arrangement to support social distancing.
  • Scholars should bring their own water or water bottle.
  • Water faucets have been installed to support filling water bottles.


  • There will be no mixing between groups.
  • Scholars will remain with the same group.
  • Transition times will be built into the daily schedule to allow for social distancing.
  • Middle grades teachers will move from class to class to teach scholars.
  • In cases where scholars need to transition, masks/shields will be worn.
  • Scholar transitions will be staggered.
  • The use of lockers is suspended.
  • Scholars will be educated on proper transition practices.
  • Cleaning of hallways and high-touch surfaces will be conducted throughout the day.
  • Shields are available for teacher and scholar desks as needed
  • Restroom procedures are modified to support social distance measures.

Large Group Gatherings

  • Scholars will be 3ft apart, social distancing as much as possible.
  • Large gatherings normally conducted at school have been limited, and social distance precautions will be taken.
  • Meetings are encouraged, including but not limited to PTO, School clubs and teams, and PLCs.
  • CACS will follow Georgia High School Association Guidelines for sporting events and practices.
  • Open Houses and Orientation will be announced.

Mental Health and Wellness

  • A Wellness Committee at CACS has been formed to support the emotional well-being of staff, scholars, and parents.
  • CACS is aware that all scholars, staff, and families have been impacted by COVID-19 and are prepared to support staff, scholars, and families regardless of the option they have chosen.
  • The Wellness Committee has established partnerships to support scholars, such as Peach State Healthcare.
  • Cirrus Academy will continue to have its back-to-school drive and will provide all scholars with supplies.
  • Resources are available to assist scholars with mental health needs. This ranges from support for the Eagle’s Bridge Program, school counselors, the school nurse, as well as connecting staff, scholars, and parents with community resources.
  • There will be frequent well-being checks to ensure scholars are receiving the emotional or mental health support they need.
  • Health and Wellness Committee will provide tutorials on processes and procedures that will be used in the building and posted on the school website and social media.

Special Programs and Services

  • Scholars with disabilities, including those with underlying health conditions, will continue to be served in person.
  • CACS is committed to providing the families the opportunity for meaningful participation in the special education process.
  • Scholars receiving RTI, EIP, and REP services will continue to receive services to the greatest extent possible.
  • Field trips within the community will practice social distancing guidelines and wear masks.
  • School health staff will develop or review medical plans in consultation with the family and child’s doctor for medically vulnerable scholars.
  • Hospital Homebound (HHB) services will be provided to eligible scholars, including scholars with disabilities.
  • Alternative teaching assignments will be available to those who have underlying health conditions.

When a Child or Staff Member Becomes Sick at School

  • An isolation room has been designated in the building for anyone who exhibits COVID-like symptoms.
  • The school nurse will use Standard Transmission – Based Precautions when caring for sick people.
  • Employees and scholars who present symptoms of illness will be sent home and advised not to return to school until they meet the requirements following the K-12 Decision Tree.
  • CACS will participate in contact tracing efforts while maintaining staff and scholar confidentiality.
  • The clinic will be sanitized following each treatment.