Community Involvement

As part of Cirrus Academy Charter School’s project-based curriculum, our students will participate in community service projects every year. These projects will allow students to implement concepts they have been taught in the classroom while learning how to become good stewards in their communities.

Cirrus Academy wants to partner with community agencies and organizations that would like to help us accomplish our mission of educating well-rounded, achievement-driven students. If you are interested in working with us, please email [email protected].


Community Service & College Admissions

Increasingly, colleges and universities are looking for students who not only make good grades, but who also participate in community service activities. At Cirrus Academy, we want our students to be competitive for college admissions, scholarships, jobs, and more. Our focus on community involvement will help us achieve this goal.

Creating Community-Minded Individuals

We give back to the community because our community trusts us with its children. We hope that by teaching our students to love and be involved in their community, they will choose to return home after pursuing post-secondary education in order to live and work in the place where they grew up.