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From kindergarten through 8th grade, Cirrus scholars can expect to receive a fulfilling, well-rounded arts education. Our curriculum includes creative and performing arts classes that intertwine with our regular academic courses.

Our Artistic Courses

Each scholar will have the opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen talents in each of the following artistic fields.

Instrumental Music

From kindergarten through 5th grade, scholars are instructed on the violin. By 6th grade, a scholar may stick with the violin or choose to study any of the following stringed instruments:

  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Viola
  • Violin

Our musicians play an integral role in school performances and attend various outreach programs throughout the school year.

Vocal Music

All scholars regularly attend vocal music classes. By the end of 2nd grade, our scholars are musically literate and familiar with music from other cultures. Each child learns to write short melodies and create rhythms.


All scholars from kindergarten to 5th grade will participate in ballet and modern dance classes. These courses teach about movement as means of expression and promote a deeper appreciation for the discipline and beauty of dance. Our dance classes reinforce lessons learned within academic courses and forge skills that scholars can rely on after graduation and beyond.

Visual Arts

Scholars encounter visual arts inside the classroom and with a specialist. Their creations enhance their daily lessons.

Foreign Language Skills Program

With a focus on French and Mandarin Chinese, scholars begin learning about foreign languages in kindergarten. Our program naturally leads to a high probability of success in foreign language study by the time our scholars reach high school.