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Our Voice Matters

Cirrus Academy is committed to developing a culture of positivity where all community members can speak words of encouragement, lift each other up, and promote positive examples every day. We strive to inspire values of respect and support across the board, from scholars and teachers to parents and leaders.

Creating a Positive Culture

Teachers are encouraged to celebrate scholars for exhibiting positive behaviors and values in the classroom. We love to see scholars:

  • Working hard on their tasks and projects
  • Showing kindness to their classmates
  • Helping each other accomplish a goal
  • Being supportive of one another
  • Learning new skills and strengthening old ones

Giving Scholars a Voice

Scholars are encouraged to showcase their projects through their own portfolios. Here, each scholar can add photos and videos and utilize them to share what they have learned.

Sharing Moments with Parents and Family

Parents, guardians, relatives, and other members of the Cirrus family are welcome to engage with their scholars and our school by browsing photos and videos of wonderful classroom moments.

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